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Why do so many Foreigners choose Mazatlán as their second home?

It’s no secret Mazatlan has been one of the top chosen destinations in the world for foreigners for many years, it has the perfect combination of great weather, reasonable prices, and it is absolutely beautiful.


Mazatlan is a historic colonial city by the beach, it has a long line of swimmable beautiful beaches, an all year calendar of cultural activities, very good restaurants, great fresh seafood, a friendly community of locals and expats

Locals are used to expats and have adapted most of the city for them, you will find everything you need in English, from menus, maps and signs, also, most of the locals try their best to speak English so it will be very easy for you to get around. 

Mazatlan is divided in areas with their own style, each part has its charm. Whether you are looking for a beachfront condo, a modern house in a more Mexican neighborhood, or a colonial house downtown, you will surely find something perfect for you. 


Mazatlán is in one of the best moments in history, public and private investment have been breaking records, renovations of the city have made it even more attractive,oceanfront parks and bicycle path along the 5 mile long boardwalk, a historic area in downtown that is filled with live music, good food, and beautiful streets, the highest natural lighthouse in the world with a glass-floored lookout at the top, a brand new aquarium and so many other things that you will discover in every area of town. We also have a nationally famous Mardigrass the 3rd biggest in the world and a theater with many different shows.

If you are big in sports we have a baseball stadium and team “Venados de mazatlan” as well as brand new soccer stadium “el Kraken”  for the “Mazatlan FC” team, we also have great golfing tournaments at different golf courses, and sport fishing competitions. Mazatlan is also a Surfing town, with different surfing spots all along the coast.  We have 3 islands that you could go visit, Kayaking, Paddling or even swimming depending on your skills, there is a big swimming team that does crossings in playa sur. We have one big cycling event a year and also an international marathon that takes place in the winter.  


Mazatlan has been winning awards for many years in the tourism industry, In 2021 Mazatlan got the following awards by World Travel Awards:

  • Mexico and central america’s Leading city destination 2021
  • Mexico and central america’s Leading city Tourist Board 2021
  • Mexico and central america’s Leading Cruise Port 2021

As Mazatlan becomes more and more popular every year, the rental options have been harder to find available, we highly recommend that as soon as you have made your decision to come, immediately book your stay in the property of your choosing, or if you are a regular try to look for next years rental before you leave Mazatlan. If you love our town and have been coming every year, maybe it’s time to evaluate the opportunities available for purchase. Like we mentioned before, Mazatlan is in its best moment for investors, and buying a property could also be a good way to receive some income while you are not here. 


If you need any help or have questions regarding real estate in Mazatlan our team would gladly give you all the information you need! We have bilingual agents ready to help you feel welcome to the community and with the best tips on everything about Mazatlan.