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Best areas to live in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a colonial port that borders the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. A vibrant city known for having something for everyone. If you love this city, and you are looking for a place to live, read on.

Which area of Mazatlán is best for expats to live in? Depends on your personality and what you value the most! Getting to places on foot? Be in the center of town? Or perhaps you value quiet above all else?

To make it easier, we will divide Mazatlán into 3 sections:


Zona Dorada

Marina/ Nuevo Mazatlán

Centro is the most traditional part of the city, with the Golden Zone being newer and the Marina area being the newest.

Areas where most expats prefer to live, because of their characteristics and especially their closeness to the beach.


Marina/ Nuevo Mazatlán

The best thing about living in La Marina area is the views. You will see yachts, sailboats, and all kinds of boats from your condo or house.

The Marina area, also has access to golf courses, and nearby you will find the Galerias shopping center, the Liverpool department store and many hospitals.

It is important to remember that it is an area where you need to use transportation, since the distances are long.


Cerritos is located north of the city and lately, it has been very popular with expats. Because of the types of accommodations, being a very quiet community, and having access to the beach.

Cerritos is a great area to live in, however, if you plan to go frequently to Centro, the distance is quite long, and you will need to travel by car, truck, or bus. 

Also, this area has fewer small stores and restaurants compared to Downtown and La Zona Dorada. Which gives the area its quiet and beachy atmosphere.

To be considered:

  • You’ll love the view of the marina
  • The newest condominiums and accommodations
  • Good access to Galerias, Liverpool, and Walmart

Marina Mazatlán is perfect for you, if:

You are a nautical and golf enthusiast.

To be considered:

  • Many oceanfront and ocean view options are available.
  • It is quieter than other areas of town.
  • It has good access to the beach and the area is walkable.
  • ​​Currently is the farthest point from Downtown.
  • A high concentration of expats, resulting in less Mexican culture and influence on your daily life.
  • There are not as many walkable options for stores and places to eat as in other parts of the city.

Luxury waterfront condos resort and yacht club project

Be part of a community in Mazatlan that has grown over the last 20 years within a safe environment in Cerritos Marina Mazatlan


Of all the beach tourist destinations on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Mazatlán is the only one where visitors have the opportunity to walk through streets and alleys that are pathways to a tour of its grand historical past. This is manifested in the architecture of the houses and buildings that are the most vivid testimonies of the history of Mazatlán’s life.

Centro Histórico

This is where you will find the magnificent Angela Peralta Theater, Plaza Machado, the cathedral, parks, beautiful historic buildings, local markets, and much more. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the city, Centro Histórico is the place to live.

In the Centro Histórico you will find trendy cafés and restaurants and a myriad of activities, community events, and small local stores.

To be considered:

  • You can move on foot
  • There is a lot of social life
  • Most houses are old and don’t have ocean views

Centro Histórico is perfect for you, if:

You’re a history buff, a food lover, looking for a vintage city feel, or an expat who likes to be in the heart of it all.

Playa Sur

Playa Sur is located south of the Centro Histórico and is the place to find larger homes than you might downtown. It is very close to Centro within a few minutes walk and also very close to Olas Altas.

To be considered:

  • It is very close to the ferry.
  • There are many family homes with a variety of sizes and prices.
  • Becoming a very popular and sought after area for expats.

Playa Sur is perfect for you, if:

You are a person who likes to live in a quiet and calm area, you like to walk and have the best of downtown just minutes away.

South Malecón, Olas Altas y Loma Linda

Some expats might not enjoy living inside the picturesque streets, of Centro Histórico and prefer an ocean view instead. Thankfully, you can stay in the Centro area and get the best of both worlds by living in Olas Altas or Loma Linda.

Two neighborhoods on the south end of the Malecón.

Olas Altas is just a step out of Centro along the Malecón.  With a high concentration of cafés and restaurants, all with an ocean view. The Malecón in this area is always bustling with people, parades, and events. 

Loma Linda is the hill that overlooks the same section of Malecón where you’ll mostly find bigger homes and properties.

To be considered:

  • A few steps from the Centro Historico
  • Incredible views
  • Close to restaurants and cafés with ocean view
  • There is a lot of activity throughout the day
  • Properties here are more expensive, especially on the hill.

Olas Altas/ Loma Linda is perfect for you, if:

You want ocean views but need that vintage city feel.

Golden Zone

The Golden Zone started gaining popularity in the 60s and remains one of the most popular places in town. Since all the buildings are relatively ‘new’ compared to the colonial Centro area of town, living in the Golden Zone is a different vibe! It’s more modern, beachy, and commercial.

This is where you will find restaurants, cafés, bars, and tourist souvenir stores. It is also the place with the highest concentration of hotels.

Within the last few years, the Golden Zone has seen a big jump in new buildings. A good part of the new buildings offer a lot more options for brand new ocean view accommodations.

Nearby neighborhoods

Gran Plaza / Stadium / Central Park

This area is located at the southern tip of the Golden Zone, from the Malecón to a few blocks inland.  It’s home to the Gran Plaza mall (complete with casino and cinema) as well as the newly remodeled Venados baseball stadium.

Right now, many condos and office buildings are popping up in the area, many still under construction as of early 2020. 

One of the most exciting projects for this area is the new Central Park. The plan for this massive park in the middle of the city, just a block off of the Malecón.

To be considered:

  • Easy walking access to Gran Plaza shopping center, Soriana’s, Stadium and Aquarium.
  • There are many housing options, including some directly on the Malecón.
  • There are many bus lines and to go to some places you don’t need a car.

Gran Plaza / Stadium / Central Park is perfect for you, if:

You are a baseball fan, likes to walk or will enjoy Central Park.

Lomas de Mazatlán

Lomas is a primarily residential area bordering the Golden Zone. Most of the houses here are large and very nice, but low-rise apartments are also being built here. Lomas is a sought after area because it is quiet, close to hospitals, schools, and shopping and the streets are safe.

To be considered:

  • There is a great variety of homes, all of them located in a quiet environment.
  • Connects easily to busy Golden Zone or Rafael Buelna street. 
  • No ocean view, unlike many other Golden Zone areas.

Lomas de Mazatlán is perfect for you, if:

You want large yards and quiet residential streets and value gated and secluded communities.

For you to make a decision:

Centro is going to be your old town feel, city vibe, and most ‘authentic’ Mexican experience. 

The Golden Zone is the hotel area, overlooking the ocean, and the most “touristy” beach area of the city.

Marina is going to be the newest area, most spread out, and ‘North Americanized’, area of town.

Mazatlan has different areas depending on your requirements. To choose the perfect place for you, go to a real estate agent. They know each area perfectly and will help you have a quick and safe purchasing process.  

In Brixs Inmobiliaria we have bilingual agents ready to help you feel welcome to the community and with the best tips on everything about Mazatlan.